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INTERVIEW: ‘As a community we all knew what was happening in the Baltics. Don’t tell me that we didn’t see it coming.’ Germany’s FIU chief Thelesklaf on changing culture, fighting terror and EU-wide priorities

CHIEF: The Head of Germany's FIU Daniel Thelesklaf.

THE HEAD of Germany’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is Daniel Thelesklaf who assumed the tough new role last year after a number of years with the United Nations. He has also previously served as the FIU chief in both Switzerland and Liechtenstein. A very experienced operator, Daniel took over after a number of embarrassing controversies at the German unit. He joined with a mission to change culture, embed priorities and also help with the transition to Germany’s new AML super-agency, the Federal Financial Crime Agency, which is in the process of being set up.

AML Intelligence’s Stephen Rae caught up with Daniel to hear about challenges in the definition of ‘financial intelligence,’ the Baltic money laundering scandals, fincrime trends and threats as well terrorist financing. First of all he asked how things are going.

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