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ANALYSIS: Switzerland drafts new AML laws targeting lawyers, advisors and trusts as it relents in face of sustained fincrime criticism

UNDER PRESSURE TO REFORM: “A robust system to protect against financial crime is essential to the reputation and lasting success of an internationally significant, secure and forward-looking financial centre,” said finance minister Karin Keller-Sutter, pictured, announcing AML reforms today (Wed).

By AMLi Correspondent in Zurich

SWITZERLAND today (Wednesday) said it had drafted new rules to tighten gaping cracks in its money laundering regulations.

The move comes amid sustained criticism – led by AML Intelligence – of the financial hub’s weak AFC regime.

If the new rules are accepted, lawyers, accountants and other company consultants who set up trusts, or holding companies, or arrange real estate deals, will also become subject to due diligence rules and reporting obligations.

The government also detailed its plans to create a central registry to track who actually owns legal entities in a move to fight money-laundering via shell companies, first floated last October.

The new register, to be held at the Federal Department of

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