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LATEST: NatWest ceo Rose forced to apologise to Nigel Farage for closing his account; bank set to face deluge of subject access requests

QUIT: NatWest chief Alison Rose resigned early this morning over the bank's decision to de-bank UK politician Nigel Farage. It came as political support for her haemorrhaged after she admitted giving a briefing on the matter to the BBC which falsely indicated that Farage was de-banked because he did not have enough on deposit.

NatWest bank’s ceo Alison Rose apologised to Brexit leader Nigel Farage for dropping him as a client of its private bank Coutts. The apology came as the British government accelerated plans to clamp down on banks unfairly closing accounts. The episode has sparked a growing political row over Farage’s treatment by NatWest, whose biggest shareholder…

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