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NEWS: ‘Aytollahs’ of data protection – EU banking chief on bloc’s rigid views of fincrime information sharing

DATA: Delegates attending the Leaders in Finance AML event in Brussels on Thursday where EBF policy chief Sebastien de Brouwer gave the opening address, tackling the issue of data sharing in fincrime.

A EUROPEAN banking chief has described the difficulty of negotiating a compromise with the bloc’s data authorities on fincrime information sharing.

“It’s a difficult dialogue,” admitted Sebastien de Brouwer, chief policy officer with the European Banking Federation (EBF).

He described how the starting point for negotiations “is so rigid, sometimes we call them the aytollahs” of data protection.

Mr de Brouwer was speaking during his opening address at the Leaders in Finance ‘AML Europe 2023’ conference in Brussels on Thursday.

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