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NEWS: FinCrime provider AML RightSource announces brand re-fresh; aim to ‘optimize compliance teams and processes,’ says president

By AML Intelligence Correspondent

FINCRIME provider AML RightSource today (Monday) announced a brand relaunch which pulls together the company’s AFC offerings under one umbrella.

The US company says the new look and feel of the combined brand highlights AML RightSource’s managed services, advisory, and advanced technology solutions. Coming under the one brand are the Passcon, QuantaVerse, and Arachnys brands, acquired by AML RightSource in 2021.

However, Blue Umbrella – which provides third-party governance solutions – will be retaining its renowned brand, but refreshing its logo and messaging in lockstep with the AML RightSource rebrand, the company said.

The company is one the leading providers of AML, KYC and BSA compliance solutions with more than 4,000 people in 17 offices across the globe.

“We are incredibly excited about our new brand which reflects the integrated and global power of AML RightSource,” its president Tracy Mortenson told AML Intelligence.

“By combining our industry-leading expertise with our cutting-edge technology, we are partnering with our customers to truly optimize their compliance teams and processes.”

The brand re-fresh is “inspired by an arrow, the new logo has a modern, clean and colorful look that is representative of movement and advancement,” the company says. It comes with a new tagline “reimagining compliance.”

“We want people to understand what we can do and the power of our unified solutions. Our new brand is better equipped to now tell the whole story. For example, AML RightSource employees, backed by our technology, can execute a four-hour investigation process in half that time,” says David McLaughlin, Executive Vice President of Technology Sales.

“This new approach can be deployed in days and is easily expanded to other compliance tasks, multiplying productivity and cost savings. This is what reimagining compliance is all about and why AML RightSource is better positioned than anyone to be a partner in the fight against financial crime.”

“Making it clear to the market what we offer is paramount to continuing our incredible growth story,” says Jeff Hehr, Chief Commercial Officer. “AML RightSource is focusing on more clearly communicating how we help our customers and their financial crime compliance programs truly succeed.”

“There is a rapidly increasing number of openings for skilled financial crime investigators that compliance professionals are struggling to fill,” Hehr said.

He says some clients have achieved an incredible 73% reduction in errors and 40% savings in time.  “With this rebrand, we are hopeful we will be able to share that message more broadly,” he added.

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