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REACTION: How the global AML and FinCrime community has responded to shock FATF chief Lewis’s resignation

FATF chief David Lewis warns that VASPs are behind in using international standards of fighting financial crime

Image: David Lewis, Twitter

Che Sidanius, Global Head of Financial Crime & Industry Affairs, Refinitiv

“David Lewis is a special breed that mixes commitment, professionalism, integrity, humility and humour. A financial crime fighter of the highest order whose dedication I’m sure will continue in a different capacity. But FATF has lost a real leader in promoting collaboration across the public and private sectors.”

Jeffrey Robinson, author, ‘The Laundrymen’

‘News that David Lewis is leaving FATF is both shocking and sad. He took the organization from near-useless and turned it into a major force for good. His legacy is assured as one man against the world of dirty money who made a real difference.’

John Cusack, Chair, Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime

“David Lewis leadership as Executive Secretary of the FATF has been exemplary over 6 years and a real trusted partner to many across the wider industry. He and his excellent team achieved many things and brought independence and rigour to the many aspects of what FATF was mandated to do. He also brought the task force to ask itself some very important questions with some difficult answers coming back. That no one is doing well and no one is doing enough when viewed through an effectiveness lens was a difficult but necessary message to communicate as the myriad real world harms that come from financial crimes deserve an honest assessment and actions to improve. David’s clarity of message in often opaque circles will be missed, as will his thought leadership and experience though I suspect there is much more from David still to come.”

John Spencer, COO, Deutsche Bank

“David your leadership has been exemplary – the world of AFC is a lesser place for your departure from the FATF. I will certainly miss your directness and refreshing critical voice in the AML space. Wishing you much success for the next chapter.”

Sujata Dasgupta, Global Head, Financial Crime Compliance Advisory, Tata

“As shocking as this is unfortunate! David Lewis has been among the strongest leaders in the fight against fincrime, voicing clear vision and strategies for both Regulators and institutions!”

James Treacy, Co.founder, AML Intelligence

“Let’s hope that David Lewis’s replacement as Executive Secretary of FATF is as effective. Financial Crime and Corruption are existential threats and need a strong leader to bring all stakeholders together with a clear strategy to tackle the Kleptocrats, organised criminals and their armies of professional enablers.”

Vivienne Artz OBE, Chief Privacy Officer, LSEG

“Very sorry to hear that David Lewis is stepping down from FATF.”

Neil Bennett, AML Trainer & Consultant, Ember Consultancy

“I think he has done a very good job in very difficult circumstances… Going to be tough to replace.”

Sarah Tariq, Specialist Advisor, Deutsche Bank

“David Lewis has been instrumental in collaborating and implementing exceptional standards in the world of financial crime compliance/AML. Sad to see him step down.”

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