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Israel cyber firm with focus on AML likely to go public as FinTech valuations go ‘through the roof’

London, Tel Aviv and Australian exchanges have approached ThetaRay about the listing — which is also interested in Nasdaq.

By Vish Gain for AMLi

AN ISRAEL-BASED cybersecurity company in the AML space is poised to go public.

ThetaRay, a cybersecurity and big data firm based in the Israeli city of Hod HaSharon, uses artificial intelligence to identify financial cyber threats such as money laundering and banking fraud.

It was founded in 2013 by academics Amir Averbuch and Ronald Coifman, and serial entrepreneur Mark Gazit. The likely public listing comes as the technology sector continues to attract investment as a result of vast amounts of financial activity shifting online since the inception of the pandemic.

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