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Spanish police probe money laundering operation worth €35 Million

By Elizabeth Hearst

Spanish police are investigating a major money laundering operation after 71 people were arrested under “Operation Domus” in La Linea. 

Five people from Gibraltar were arrested under the investigation, described by the Guardia Civil as “the largest operation against the laundering of the proceeds of drug trafficking ever conducted in the Campo de Gibraltar”, according to the Gibraltar Chronicle. 

Spanish authorities allege that up to €35 Million has been laundered by a criminal group. The raids focused on a complex nicknamed “Villa Narco” in El Zabal in the La Linea region, where it is alleged that numerous people with links to drug trafficking gangs were residing. 

Operation Domus has spanned over two years and has seen Spanish authorities seize 150 vehicles valued at €1 Million and 60 properties valued at €16 Million. As part of the investigation, over 200 bank accounts have also been frozen and €550,000 in cash has been seized.

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