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Upcoming Events 2022

Digital Payments & Compliance: The Hidden Trends and What You Need to Know

Consumer behaviour and tech advancements post pandemic. Digital wallets are – finally – surging… and not because of banks. Does open banking have a staying power beyond the hype? Facial recognition, biometric, and voice-enabled payments – tackling cybersecurity threats.

#WOMENINFINCRIME Summit: Why Gender-Balance Directly Leads to Higher Valuations

By 2030, the proportion of women in leadership roles within financial services is projected to grow to 31%. A widening gap? The challenges that could impact succession. The real-life strategies for improving outcomes for women. Creating a culture of mentoring and strong peer networks.

Real Estate & AML: How the Regulatory Landscape is Evolving and What Needs to be Done

Innovation: new ways to prevent money laundering. Regulation around the world: real estate considerations. How AI-supported AML solutions help you meet requirements. Protecting yourself and your organisation from penalties.

Blockchain: the Unexpected Ways it’s Changing Financial Crime Compliance

The problems… and solutions: is blockchain immune to fraud? Blockchain innovation: why regulation hasn’t caught up yet. How blockchains are evolving – identifying the areas that matter. Highs and lows: why do popular cryptocurrencies rise and fall?

Artificial Intelligence & FCC: the Value in Global Advancements

AI is an in-demand expertise – how to strategically tap into talent. What AI really means for the future of work and the workplace. Why AI is the ultimate tool to fuel AML innovation. How AI and machine learning stemmed the spike in COVID-19 cybersecurity breaches – and what the long-term learnings are.